‘Talk dirty to me’: what men and women like to hear in bed

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Dirty talks while having sex

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Some people want their dirty talk to include very clinical descriptions of their genitals penis, vagina while others want the dirtier street slang cock, pussy, dick, cunt, etc. Then he'll take his time getting there — but my mind is already on him following through with those promises, which makes even the smallest thing he's doing to me feel more intense.

Dirty talks while having sex

Compose the shot based on what your partner finds attractive, don't just stick your phone down your pants. The most enticing chatter can be romantic, teasing, alluring, and flirtatious according to your personal preferences. Take the Pressure Off.

Dirty talks while having sex

Dirty talks while having sex

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  1. We are engaged with touch and smell by definition, but dirty talk engages the senses that are not as commonly used or thought to be used when having sex.

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