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Dating service algeria sex

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The government has provided some assistance to these women, but state personnel are not fully trained or prepared to handle such cases. Some sources have reported that the government has recently adopted a new provision concerning sexual harassment and included it in the penal code; however, the Algerian public has not been informed about these new changes at this time.

Dating service algeria sex

However, amendments to the penal code in increased penalties for defamation of any "authority of public order. The government should provide financial support and facilitate the efforts of women who want to launch businesses.

Dating service algeria sex

Dating service algeria sex

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  1. However, women are treated unequally in Algeria's nationality code as well as in the family code, in which they are treated as legal minors.

  2. In , under pressure from women's associations and health practitioners, the Ministry of Health ordered a national inquiry into violence against women, with the assistance of the judiciary, the police, and pathologists.

  3. Algerian women's rights groups have been advocating for changes to the family code for decades, and as a result, a draft reform introducing the concept of equality between spouses in certain articles is to be presented by the government to the National Assembly in A husband can freely divorce his wife without justification, but a wife must meet very specific conditions in order to initiate a divorce.

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