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Dating scan west sussex

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On the formation of the Chesil Bank, Dorset. Several roads are possible:

Dating scan west sussex

It is thought that the precursor of the present beach developed in Lyme Bay as a linear transgressive barrier under the control of rising sea-levels of the mid to late Holocene. BP Exploration and Operating Co.

Dating scan west sussex

Dating scan west sussex

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  1. Some of these hydrocarbons occur as free oil in the shale, whilst some remain bound with the kerogen and require the shale to be retorted i. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped.

  2. During the summer of , a survey of the Swiss table and folded Jura found the best profiles exposed to occur in the Mont Terri area and the following locality was chosen at the south flank of this anticline: Nothing came of these efforts.

  3. This analysis forms an appendix to the main Weald report, which provides the detailed geological background to this shale oil play.

  4. Further exploration discovered the 7. There may have been more than one because sea level is thought to have been at approximately its present relative height on several occasions during the Quaternary period.

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