When did curvy women become more Sexy?

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Curvy women are sexy

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You're a woman, you're supposed to be soft to the touch. Also, if you look at all these Instagram workout models or search what it is women try to achieve at the gym besides a 6-pack , it is a bigger behind!

Curvy women are sexy

To put simply, curves are attractive because they signal fertility and health. Not only will it make you feel more confident or sexier, but you'll see how much your man truly loves it!

Curvy women are sexy

Curvy women are sexy

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  1. Many female athletes, like the Williams sisters, embrace their curvier bodies. We wouldn't go for a petite woman with a big butt or a bigger girl with small boobs.

  2. You need to be able to embrace your curves and the only way you can do this is by not being afraid of clothes that show it all off! If you can break the rules and make relationships with these women, you will find your dream partners.

  3. We don't want a woman with no meat on her bones, but we also prefer she not be XXL. I don't agree with this trend.

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