Cat rapes woman after performing oral sex on her

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Cat sex with human

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Cats can carry a parasite called Toxoplasma which can be easily transmitted to humans. Such pet adventures often lead to lamentable consequences - not for pets, but for orgasm-craving women, as a rule. When the woman recovered, she confessed that she had been injured during her love act with a cat.

Cat sex with human

Toxoplasmosis is known to induce immunosuppression. In women, it is quite the opposite way. The woman was wearing only a jumper.

Cat sex with human

Cat sex with human

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  1. The offended man is not going to forgive his wife: In women, it is quite the opposite way.

  2. I guess it is in the parasite's interest to change the behaviour of mice in this way - am I right? Media Officer Sophia Charchuk responded:

  3. The infected men are more suspecting and jealous and they don't like to respect the rules of their society. She lied down, took a bottle of valerian and poured some on her most intimate body part.

  4. The man could not take the fact that his wife preferred having oral sex with a cat: It is known that many embryos are destroyed during pregnancy.

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