Straight people don't exist so why do half of bisexual men fear coming out?

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Can i be bisexual

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An "asexual" person is someone who might not experience intense feelings of sexual attraction. Eventually, you may figure out what label best describes you.

Can i be bisexual

Could bisexuality be a phase in someone's life? Many are not so fortunate. Give them some time to come to terms with it.

Can i be bisexual

Can i be bisexual

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  1. For example, when I walk down the street holding my girlfriend's hand, people presume me to be straight. Since you have already come out to them, you can't go back into the closet.

  2. Bisexuality is nothing new, documented in artwork as far back as Ancient Greece and seen just about everywhere in the animal kingdom. As a result, when bisexuals do find a partner and settle down, they become labelled with the sexuality of that partnership.

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