30 Days to a Better Sex Life After 40

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Better sex after 40

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The main problem with which sexologists are addressed by spouses of this age category is a decrease in the desire for sexual intimacy. Try new things, new places and new emotions. This tip involves listening to your partner and tuning into what she says as well as what her body language may reveal.

Better sex after 40

Make your request as tactfully and lovingly as possible and in a setting that feels comfortable for both of you. But now is the time to notice those loving gestures and turn up your appreciation gauge.

Better sex after 40

Better sex after 40

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  1. This will help you boost your sexual desire. Talk them over with your partner, choose one or two to get started, and be prepared for the sparks to fly.

  2. If testosterone doesn't work, however, drugs such as Viagra or the newer Cialis can be taken. Far from it; in fact, sexual pleasure, performance, and health can all be the best ever because along with experience and wisdom comes a list of 9 tantalizing psychological tips that will significantly enhance your sex life within the next 30 days if you put them to use.

  3. A study published in the Journal of Sexual Medicine found that minute bursts of exercise performed five-to minutes before sex, with the heart rate at 70?

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