Women reveal how many men they have REALLY had sex with - how do YOU compare?

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Average number of sexual partners by age 25

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The need for sexual behavior data is especially pronounced for individual-based models, 8 , 9 which are becoming more common owing, in part, to the increased availability and affordability of faster, more powerful computers. This includes determining the average number of sexual partners that men and women have across the U.

Average number of sexual partners by age 25

From this data they have been able to conclude much about the sexual mores of modern society. The study also determined how people in these countries feel about the number of sexual partners people should have.

Average number of sexual partners by age 25

Average number of sexual partners by age 25

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  1. Such data can be useful in many areas, including informing mathematical models of STIs, understanding epidemiological trends in STI incidence, and targeting prevention resources to those at highest risk for acquisition and transmission of STIs.

  2. This seems to contradict many stereotypes that paint Southern Europeans as more sexually promiscuous. For the entire sample group, it was determined that women averaged 7 sexual partners while men averaged 6.

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