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Anal to vaginal sex

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But what if we are using condoms, if we start to have sex first in the vagina, then he pulls out, do we then put a condom on for anal sex, and then take it off to finish up with vaginal sex? That way you can go ahead and get your annual exam and STI screening done and you can make sure you haven't started up an infection from this contact. This is because infections would be transmitted from the outside of the condom.

Anal to vaginal sex

If you are not going to use gloves, it's crucial to stop and wash your hands or your partner 's hands before switching from one to the other. The best thing to do is prevent that sort of thing from happening, and luckily it's pretty darn easy to do. First of all, regarding condom use, if there's any chance that you or your partner has any Sexually Transmitted Disease STD , then it's important to use condoms for protection.

Anal to vaginal sex

Anal to vaginal sex

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