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Advice on sex and relationships

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You can also take turns planning what kind of sensual evening you will have so that both partners have a say in how the seduction takes place. Showing your partner respect, sharing fantasies, and having a regular sexual check-in will help you and your spouse connect on a deeper level. Address the lifestyle concern which may be responsible for your low sex drive and also be sure to have a physical exam and talk to your GP to rule out any possible physiological issues.

Advice on sex and relationships

Fatigue, stress, physical illness, relationship conflict, low hormone levels especially testosterone which affects both men and women , negative emotions or negative experiences or associations with sex, pressure, low body image and of course, babies which circles you back to fatigue! The most important thing, if you do choose to be in a relationship with someone, is that it should be a positive experience.

Advice on sex and relationships

Advice on sex and relationships

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  1. He wants it all the time! It is important to engage in intimate activity with your partner, both mentally and physically.

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