Can you have a good relationship without having sex?

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A relationship without sex

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Because some couples DO make it work, even without intercourse. There are many reasons committed couples might not be having intercourse, including:

A relationship without sex

Events that occur in sexless marriage Following is the list of things that can possibly happen, in any order, when marriage becomes more of living together situation and less of an intimate relationship. A successful and happy marriage requires a combination of efforts to make it work and any of the factors when missing leads to a void formation which definitely has adverse effects on the relationship of the partners.

A relationship without sex

A relationship without sex

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  1. Problems that lead to divorce Listed below are a few of the numerous problems that life partners encounter that if left unresolved can ultimately result in divorce and the couple splitting for good:

  2. Despite the love, understanding, commitment and honestly being important in a relationship, there is no arguing that sex in itself plays an integral role as well without with the aforementioned factors may diminish over time.

  3. The TRUE SECRET to every successful relationship in the world… The secret to every successful relationship in the world is that both partners need to feel like their most important or highest needs are being met in a loving, caring way. Most of these cases in which marriages last, however, are ones where communication is established and maintained.

  4. They are no longer sure if the partner is upset with them, bored of them, is having an affair, losing their interest, etc. Because sex and intercourse are NOT the same thing.

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