365 Sex Positions

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365 days of sex positions

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It is permeated - nay, saturated - with repetition extremely thinly veiled by swapping the receiving gender or altering the silly, made-up name given to a particular position or act; who knew that not only can a woman kiss a man's neck, but a man can kiss a woman's neck as well? They should have, though, as the result is several descriptions that require your brain to be more flexible than most of these sex moves in order to figure out what the hell they meant.

365 days of sex positions

Take for example, "The Crazy Cat": Example--The Cow what a hot name. A number of the positions depicted could not possibly work, as demonstrated by many photos in which the involved anatomy is obviously in no way capable of achieving sexual contact without sustaining a compound fracture or undergoing years of intensive training for Cirque du Soleil.

365 days of sex positions

365 days of sex positions

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  1. Also included are groan-worthy descriptions that aren't really all the helpful in explaining what's going on in the photo.

  2. If you managed to make it past "milk him into a frothy shake" without your brain dying, then the rest of the stuff in the parentheses will just baffle you.

  3. Not only positions, but several photographs are reused as well. That it did not is further evidence that it is a book written around a photo set rather than a photo set shot around a book.

  4. I think it's a great book as it illustrate pictures very well just like I want Mar 18, Michael rated it it was ok The author of this book, whose wobbling prose becomes increasingly purple with each stiff drink I can't help but imagine her imbibing as she struggled to wrack her brain for content, was pretty clearly handed a stack of stock softcore porn photographs and told to churn out a product by the end of the week. One particularly eye-catching piece of botched photoplasty I hope, else the poor man is liable to suffer permanent quadriplegia leads me to believe that the sets purchased for this book were discovered in a bargain bin.

  5. If you want a more unique and genuine sexual exploration experience, I heartily suggest that you play Twister naked.

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